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Wrapping Bricks for my GoRuck GR1

GR1 Bricks 1

If you’ve been reading my blog or have been subscribed to my YouTube channel, I’m sure you are aware that I’m a big fan of my GoRuck GR1 rucksack. I use it as my EDC bag, as well as my day-hike pack. This spring I plan on doing a lot of day hikes on a local rail trail to help me get back into shape and get ready for the upcoming hiking and trail running season. Since the local rail trail is very flat I’ve decided to add a bunch of weight to my GR1 to make my training hikes and trail runs more challenging. I will be adding weight to my pack by carrying six bricks in the same way that the GoRuck Challenge requires bricks to be carried. The GoRuck Challenge is an endurance event conducted by the fine folks at GoRuck. At this point in time I’m not planning on doing a GoRuck Challenge, I’m just trying to get myself back into shape… but you never know… maybe I’ll get up the courage to try a GoRuck Challenge someday.

The six bricks will add about 30 lbs to my pack! Bricks are really abrasive and if left unwrapped they will destroy the interior of the pack very quickly. I have therefore decided to wrap the bricks in duct tape as suggested on the GoRuck website. At the end of this article is a YouTube video that I’ve created that shows how I wrapped my bricks. The bricks are wrapped in groups of two, with three layers of duct tape around each group of two bricks. This results in three groups of two bricks. I then joined these three groups of bricks together with more duct tape, resulting in a massive package of brick and duct tape.

GR1 Bricks 2

I attached the package of six bricks to the Molle webbing on the inside of my GR1 using two 3/4″ by 42″ canvas straps. Attaching the bricks to the Molle webbing puts a lot of stress on the webbing, and could result in the webbing tearing out of the pack, but I feel much better about having the bricks secured within the pack, and not bouncing around as I travel down the trail. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the Molle webbing and if it starts to show sign of significant wear, I will rethink how I attach the bricks.

GR1 Bricks 3

The article on GoRuck’s site suggests wrapping the package of bricks in bubble wrap to provide additional cushioning between the bricks and your back. I have decided to hold off on adding the bubble wrap until after I get out on the trail a few times to test out this set up. I may end up adding the bubble wrap, or perhaps I will just wrap a towel around the package of bricks, and duct tape it into place… we’ll see.

Using bricks and duct tape is a great, simplistic, and almost old-school way of adding weight and difficulty to my training hikes. I can’t wait to get out on the trail and test this out.

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  • Jesse October 21, 2013, 7:02 PM

    Any updates on the durability of suspending the bricks from the internal webbing? I was thinking of doing something similar, possibly supporting the weight a bit with a yoga brick. Found this and figured I ask to see if you had any issues.

    • Farmer Diddley December 26, 2013, 10:13 AM

      Hi Jesse, sorry for the delayed reply to your question about suspending bricks from the internal webbing of my GoRuck GR1. Unfortunately I’ve only used the set up twice (I struggled this year with sticking to my workout routines, as well as posting to my blog). I do plan on using the bricks in my GR1 in the future, and will report back via my blog. Thanks for reading my post. Steve.

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