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Welcome to Farmer Diddley’s World

View from Farmer Diddley's cabin
About me
Hello!  I’m Farmer Diddley.  Welcome to Farmer Diddley’s World!  My real name is Steve.  I’m 46 years old, and I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast my entire life.  My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, camping, kayaking, sailing, snowshoeing, fishing, survival skills, etc.  I have a one-room cabin, off the grid, on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.  Almost every family vacation from the time I was born until I went off to college was spent at that cabin.  My experiences on and around the lake had a profound affect on who I am.  Today, I live with my wife and three kids in Vermont.  I spend as much time as possible hiking the Green Mountains, and sailing and kayaking on Lake Champlain…  and my cabin is just a few hours from where I live.

About this blog
The primary reason for this blog and all of my online endeavors (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), is to share my love of the outdoors, and to help others develop the skills necessary to feel confident and be safe when heading off into the great outdoors.  I am by no means an expert in all outdoor skills… but that’s the point… you don’t have to be an expert.  You simply need to develop the minimal set of skills necessary to be confident and competent and safe.  My goal is to provide instruction and inspiration for you to obtain those skills.  There are many ways to accomplish any given task.  I will show you how I do things; what works for me; and what doesn’t work.  My blog posts won’t be perfect.  My videos will not be the most elegant productions.  But I will try my best to produce content that is educational and fun.  This blog, Farmer Diddley’s World, will be the hub of all of my online content.

Being healthy and fit
A key factor for enjoying the outdoors is being healthy and fit.  This fact becomes more and more evident the older I get.  I am therefore using the launch of this website as motivation to reinvigorate my fitness and healthy diet habits.  Therefore some of the posts will be focused on my thoughts about health and fitness, as well as updates on my progress towards my fitness goals.

And more!
Also, from time-to-time I will publish blog posts and create YouTube videos on topics that are not outdoors-related.  Even though I love the outdoors, I have other interests too.  If I publish some content that you’re not interested in, I apologize.  But stick around, because more outdoor-related content will soon follow.
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