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Quick Review: GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack

GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack

About a year ago I made an impulse buy of the GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack. It looked like it would be the perfect way for me to carry additional weight on my daily hikes, thereby turning them into serious workouts instead of just leisurely strolls through the woods. This pack would also allow me to carry 3 liters of water in a hydration bladder, which I need on my hikes as well as the trail runs I was planning for the summer.

I had been using my GoRuck GR1 to carry additional weight on my day hikes by packing a block of 6 bricks wrapped in duck tape, but that setup was less than ideal for me. First, since I had been using my GR1 as my every-day-carry bag, I had to swap out most of my EDC gear in order for the bricks to fit in the pack. Doing this every day was a pain in the neck. Also, I’m not comfortable carrying a hydration bladder in my GR1, since I also use the hydration pocket for my laptop. Even though I wouldn’t carry the hydration bladder and laptop at the same time, the bladder could still leak inside the pocket, and I don’t want to stick my laptop into a wet pack.

So I went ahead and bought the 10L Bullet ruck ($110), along with a 3-liter Hydration Bladder ($36), and a 30-lb Filler Bag ($16) to fill with sand to add the weight I was looking for. I also bought a sternum strap ($11) and an ITW Web Dominator Clip ($2). The sternum strap works really well to keep the pack feeling comfortable, even when carrying over 30 lbs. I use the Web Dominator clip to attach the nozzle from the hydration bladder to the shoulder strap to prevent it from flopping around while I’m hiking.

GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack

The combination of all of these items results in an excellent rucksack that can turn a simple day hike into a first-class workout. If I remove the filler bag, I then have space in the pack to carry a rain jacket, a small first aid kit, a survival kit, and a few Clif Bars when I head out for a trail run on the nearby Vermont Long Trail.

GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Specifications (from GoRuck.com)
Material: 500D CORDURA
Volume: 10 liters
Zippers: YKK with 550 paracord zipper pulls
Size: 8.75″W x 18″H x 4.5″D
Hydration: Can accomodate a 3 liter hydration bladder (not included)

I’ve been using this pack on and off for almost a year and I could not be happier. I highly recommend the GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack if you’re looking for a small pack for day hikes, or if you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself by turning a simple stroll in the woods into a first-class workout!

Here is a video from my YouTube channel showing my review of the GoRuck 10L Hydration Bullet Rucksack:

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