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Farmer Diddley’s Favorites – Mar 24, 2013

Here’s this week’s collection of my favorite outdoor-related websites, blogs, blog posts, YouTube videos, gear, etc.  Enjoy.

Favorite blog post of the week

I found a very interesting blog this week called Wood Trekker, by a guy named Ross Gilmore. I’ve been poking around some of his older posts and he has a nice assortment of backpacking and bushcraft related posts, including some great reviews, and he takes great photographs. His post entitled The Incomplete Woodsman – Skills We Lose Because of Our Close Mindedness is an exceptionally good read… and he’s got a lot more too. I highly recommend checking out his blog.  You can follow him on Twitter @WoodTrekker2010.

Favorite book of the week

I’ve decided to share some of my favorite  outdoor-related books in these weekly posts. Looking over my bookshelf a few days ago, I came across My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George.  This was one of my favorite books from my childhood.  It’s the story of a young boy, Sam, that runs away from his home in New York City to live off the land in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. He heads into the wilderness with only a penknife, some twine, and a flint and steel. 30+ years after reading this book for the first time, I’m still dreaming of following in Sam’s footsteps.

Favorite tweet of the week

I love @winehiker’s reply to my tweet:

Favorite Infographic of the week

The following Infographic from REI is excellent, especially the section entitled “Customize the Fit”.  I disagree with the advice regarding the recommended backpack volumes in the “Choose a Pack that Fits Your Trip” section, however. I’m more of an advocate of the Pack Light, Go Fast philosophy.

How to Choose and Fit a Backpack

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